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The County of Barrhead has multiple projects currently underway.  To ensure transparent accountability and provide clear communication with residents, the County of Barrhead will update the following project dashboards regularly.  Check back often to keep up-to-date with all our major projects!

Land Use Bylaw Review:
Project Overview
The Land Use Bylaw guides land use planning in the County.  At its core, this bylaw focuses on protecting agricultural & environmentally sensitive land, and preventing hazardous & incompatible land uses. 
Review of the Land Use Bylaw will ensure that guidance for land use in the County is kept up-to-date with the changing needs of the County of Barrhead residents, and will provide well-informed, transparent, & consistent direction for land use in the County of Barrhead.  
Public Engagement 
A Land Use Bylaw review relies on solid public engagement.  Information gathered through open houses, public surveys, and other resident feedback will be used to inform Council's discussion & decisions regarding an updated Land Use Bylaw.
Throughout the review process, residents are encouraged to contact the Planning Department (780-674-3331) with any questions, concerns, or comments.  County also hosted a number of events for residents to provide feedback, including:
  • May 3, 2023: initial information-gathering open house
  • May 19-July 10, 2023: public survey
  • February 16, 2024: open house to review DRAFT changes
  • March 18 & 19, 2024: evening appointments with Development Officer made available
DRAFT Changes 
Residents are free to review the draft bylaw below (as at Feb 16, 2024), or see highlights in the overview! 
County of Barrhead Planning Department is currently incorporating feedback received since the Feb 16 open house into the Draft Land Use Bylaw.  All feedback received will be considered before bringing the Bylaw to first reading.  
Next Steps 
  1. First Reading of the Bylaw: May 7, 2024
    • In general, 1st Reading is a test of whether Council wishes to consider an issue at all. It is not necessarily an indication of whether Council supports the bylaw.
    • There is no opportunity for public participation at 1st Reading.
    • 1st Reading must occur before the Bylaw is brought to a formal Public Hearing, where residents can provide formal, on-the-record statements regarding the bylaw.
  2. Public Hearing: Date TBD (following 1st Reading)
    • Notice of the Public Hearing will be given at least 2 weeks prior to the Hearing date.  Residents will be notified via County WebsiteCounty FacebookMunicipal Alert, and Local Newspaper (Barrhead Leader).
    • Members of the public will have the opportunity to speak at the public hearing. If unable to attend, written submissions will also be accepted prior to the Hearing date (must pre-register statements with the County).
    • More information on how to be involved in the Public Hearing will be included in the Notice of Hearing.
  3. 2nd & 3rd Reading
    • Subsequent readings of the Bylaw are council's opportunity to debate the issue, make amendments, and vote again.