Planning Bylaws & Policy (LUB & MDP)

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Land Use Bylaw Planning Documents
The County of Barrhead Land Use Bylaw is one of many documents that guides land use planning in the County.  At its core, this bylaw focuses on protecting agricultural and environmentally sensitive land and preventing hazardous or incompatible land use.  The Land Use Bylaw strives to balance the best use of our limited lands, while respecting the individual rights and unique situations of our residents. 
The Land Use Bylaw focuses on the following principals to inform land use planning in the County of Barrhead:
  • To preserve areas of better agricultural land for agricultural purposes
  • To protect the natural environment
  • To prevent development on hazardous lands
  • To prevent potential health hazards
  • To ensure safe and efficient transportation routes
  • To promote orderly and economical development
  • To prevent inappropriate developments
  • To prevent incompatible land uses from developing in close proximity to each other
2023-24 Land Use Bylaw Review
Throughout 2023 & 2024, County of Barrhead will be undertaking an extensive review of our Land Use Bylaw.  Review of the Land Use Bylaw ensures land use planning in the County is kept up-to-date with current provincial legislation and better serves the needs of our residents, businesses, & other stakeholders.  
This process will involve multiple public education and engagement sessions.  Stay informed on the review process by checking our Project Dashboard, which is updated as progress is made.   
Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
The Municipal Development Plan provides policies which encourage diversification of the local economy, while also encouraging sustainable growth in all areas. The Plan supports the preservation of significant environmental, recreational and historic areas while also encouraging a number of different land use mixes in order to ensure the existing community and future generations have a desirable place to live, work and play.

Development Policies
Find other policies and bylaws that may affect development below.
Note: Development of multi-parcel subdivisions and resource extraction activities may require execution of Development Agreements for the matters of utilities, road routes and improvements, green spaces, landscaping, signage, lighting and other requirements. Please speak with the Development Department throughout the application stages for clarifications.