Boards & Committees

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County of Barrhead Committee MeetingBoards and committees play a vital role in the governance of our municipality by providing advice to council when making decisions on issues facing our County.
Each year, the County of Barrhead Council appoints elected officials and citizens, known as members at large, to various boards and committees.  These groups are established by Council through bylaws and follow terms of reference.  Committees and boards may be delegated certain duties such as providing advice to Council.
Below are a list of existing boards and committees, a description of each, and who currently serves.  Click on a committee name to learn more.


 The duties of the Ag Service Board are to:
  • Act as an advisory body and to assist the Council and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry,
  • Advise on and help organize and direct weed and pest control and soil and water conservation programs,
  • Assist in control of livestock disease under the Livestock Diseases Act,
  • Promote, enhance and protect viable and sustainable agriculture with a view to improving the economic viability of the agricultural producer, and
  • Promote and develop agricultural policies to meet the needs of the municipality.
The ASB meets in the morning on the second Tuesday of each month

Members of Council Serving this Board

Walter Preugschas (Chair)
Marvin Schatz
Dennis Nanninga

Members at Large

Uwe Quedenbaum
Valerie Ehrenholz
Lorrie Jespersen
Ken Anderson

The duties and responsibilities of the Agricultural Pests Appeal Committee are set out in the Agricultural Pests Act of Alberta, RSA 2000.  Any amendments and regulations of the Act also determine duties and responsibilities.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

As this is a Committe comprised of five (5) Public Members, no Councillor
shall sit on this Committee.

Members at Large

Valerie Ehrenholz                                                              
Brian Geis
Jim Greilach
Richard R. Mueller
Wayne Visser

The Assessment Review Board has now evolved into a regional commission, the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC).
The Commission's Assessment Review board assembles trained panelists, and when a complaint is filed, facilitates the necessary complaint hearing.  Click here for more information regarding CRASC's Assessment Review Board, including important forms.

The Athabasca Watershed Council (AWC) is a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) working in partnership with the Government of Alberta, stakeholders, and Indigenous peoples to achieve the three goals of the Water for Life strategy.  The Council works to build relationships, share information, and inform the planning and policy decisions that affect the Athabasca River Watershed.  Their vision is that the Athabasca River watershed is ecologically healthy, socially responsible, and economically sustainable.
The County's representative attends general meetings of the Watershed Council and should the representative wish to stand for appointment to the Board of Directors of the WPAC, additional Council authorization would be required.

Members of Council Serving the AWC

Darrell Troock
Dennis Nanninga (Alternate)

The purpose of the Barrhead Attraction & Retention (A&R) Committee is to build a sustainable system for physician attraction and retention in collaboration with local physicians which will ensure ongoing Physician services to the community.
The objectives of the committee are:
  • to coordinate attraction and retention of needed physicians amongst the existing Physicians, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the community.
  • to reduce the need for recruitment through retention efforts.  Efforts should focus on three areas: 
 Efforts should focus on three areas:
  • Integration into the medical practice
  • Family integration into the community
  • Family quality of life interests
  • to facilitate community involvement in the attraction and retention process together with physicians and AHS.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

Walter Preugschas

The purpose of the Barrhead & Area Regional Crime Coalition (BARCC) is to take a collaborative approach in making our communities safer.  Through coordinated efforts in education and awareness of crime prevention and reporting suspicious activities, BARCC is taking an active roll in reducing crime.
The Coalition is responsible for:
  • Fostering collaboration and sharing information on trends & issues
  • Maintaining at all times the focus of the coalition on the agreed scope, outcomes and benefits
  • Annually appointing a Chair from the municipal members at its first meeting of the year
  • Setting dates and times of meetings
  • Creating and reviewing Terms of Reference
  • Making recommendations to member organizations and municipal Councils on items requiring funding or allocation of resources

Coalition Membership

 County of Barrhead
 Ron Kleinfeldt (Chair)
 Bill Lane (Alternate)
 Town of Barrhead  Dave McKenzie
 Woodlands County  Dale McQueen
 Barrhead RCMP Detachment  Const Dave Donovan
 Barrhead & District Rural Crime Watch Association  As assigned

Municipal membership shall be appointed annually by their respective Council, and each Council may appoint an alternate representative to act in the place of the appointed representative.

The Ag Society's mission is to encourage improvement in agriculture and in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community by developing programs, services and facilities based on needs in the agricultural community.
The Society's objectives are:
  • to encourage improvement in agriculture and in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community by developing programs, services and facilities based on needs in the agricultural community.
  • to sponsor meetings and short courses on agricultural and related subjects.
  • to sponsor an exhibition at which prizes will be awarded in agricultural, horticultural and/or bench show classes, etc.
  • to assist in the development of leadership in our community through sponsoring and encouraging 4-H clubs and by sponsoring leadership development workshops.
  • to provide an opportunity for local producers to display and market products through sponsoring a Farmers' market.
  • To improve the quality of life in our community by sponsoring or supporting cultural and recreational events.
  • to be aware of changing needs of people in our community and to adjust our programs to accommodate change and encourage other community resources to do the same.
  • to support and cooperate with other community groups involved in programs for the betterment of the community.
  • to sell, manage, lease, dispose of or otherwise deal with property f the Society within the limits of the Agricultural Societies Act.
Regular meetings of the society are held in the evening of the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month.

Members of Council Serving this Society

Bill Lane
Ron Kleinfeldt (alternate)

The Barrhead & District Chamber of Commerce, in operation for over 50 years, has a goal to provide a voice and network for businesses in the community.  With the power to change adversity into opportunity, the Chamber focuses on building strength of business in our community through recognition of what there is to offer.  By setting common goals, local business owners can work together to achieve successes together, and sustain a strong, vibrant and growing community.
The Chamber sponsors a number of community activities including
  • Barrhead Street Festival
  • Light Up and Santa Claus Parade
  • Rodeo Luncheon
  • Christmas Decorating and Gingerbread contests
  • much more
As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the County of Barrhead assigns a designate to represent the County at Chamber meetings.


 The Barrhead & District FCSS provides preventative programs and services that strive to enhance and strengthen individuals, families and the community.
 Regular Board meetings are held at 9:30 am on the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month.

Members of Council Serving this Society

Ron Kleinfeldt
Bill Lane

 The duties of the Barrhead & District Social Housing Association (BDHSA) are:
  • To effectively and efficiently provide the highest standard of accommodation for residents and tenants while promoting their wellness and independence.
  • To provide opportunities for their participation in leisure, recreation and social activities which foster their continued involvement in family and community life.
  • To take leading role in planning and developing social housing projects in our community as the need arises and the resources become available.
  • The area our association covers is the Town and County of Barrhead, Fort Assiniboine, Swan Hills and surrounding area.
  • To provide and plan preventative maintenance services, which shall ensure a safe, clean, structurally sound and efficiently operated buildings for our residents.
  • To provide food services which meet the daily dietary needs of the residents with tasty, aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable meals, served in a clean and informal dining atmosphere. Canada Food Guide must be followed.
  • To provide housekeeping services, which ensure a high standard of hygiene and minimize maintenance cost in residents rooms and common areas of the lodge.
  • To assure Minimum Standards for the Operations of Lodges are met or exceeded.
  • To provide a high level of safety operation of all safety features and equipment, thorough training of employees and residents in safety procedures.
  • To assist and coordinate personal and health care services to the residents, maintaining their health and independence through preventive personal care.
  • To promote the education and continued learning of the employees as they are our most important asset.
  • To be consistent with the Alberta Housing Act, Residential Tenancies Act, Social Housing Accommodations Regulations and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Protection for Persons in Care Act, the Management Handbook and the Ministerial Order for the Management Body.
BDHSA meetings are held on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of the each month for a half day, commencing at 1:00 pm. 


Members of Council Serving this Association

Darrell Troock


 The Barrhead District Seed Cleaning Co-op focuses on cleaning and treating certified and common seed within the region.  As an added service, the Co-op also sells certified seed on behalf of local seed growers.

 Meetings are held in the evening of the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month with the one at harvest normally cancelled.

Members of Council Serving this Board

Dennis Nanninga 
Marvin Schatz 

Effective January 1, 2017, the Barrhead Regional Fire Services Agreement was enacted between the Town of Barrhead & County of Barrhead to provide regional fire protection services to the municipalities.
This committee's duties are to:
  • Review an recommend policies and procedures for the efficient operations of the Barrhead Regional Fire Services and the Emergency Response Center to the Council of both parties annually for approval.
  • Provide direction to the Unit of Authority regarding operations.
  • Recommend annual capital and operating budgets for the Barrhead Regional Fire Services and the Emergency Response Centre to the Council of both parties for approval.
  • Review and receive reports from the Fire Chief and the Unit of Authority on the operations of the Barrhead Regional Fire Services and the Emergency Response Centre.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Unit of Authority on the job description and duties of the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief positions.
  • Make recommendations to the Unit of Authority n the appointment and terms of employment for the Fire Chief, and
  • Comply with the provision of the Bylaws of each party thereto.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

Marvin Schatz
Dennis Nanninga
Darrell Troock (Alternate)

Members at Large

Ivan Kusal                                                      

The Barrhead Regional Airport Committee is comprised of representatives of the County of Barrhead & Town of Barrhead as well as appointed representatives from the Barrhead Flying Club.  The mandate of the Committee is to develop a vision for the future of the airport and to create a plan to bring that vision to reality, while maintaining an appropriate level of service for the users of the facility.  The Committee will perform its duties as an advisory committee to make recommendations to the Councils of the County of Barrhead and the Town of Barrhead for the airport including,
  1. Ongoing maintenance and service levels,
  2. Operating and Capital Budgets, and
  3. Upgrades and developments.
The committee meets a minimum of three (3) times per year.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

Marvin Schatz (Chair)
Darrell Troock

Barrhead Flying Club Representatives

Wade Evans
Shawn Stephani

 The Regional Landfill Committee was established with representatives from both the Town of Barrhead & the County of Barrhead to provide management for the regional landfill site to include:
  • set rules and regulations for operations of the landfill,
  • authorize hiring personnel and obtaining goods necessary for efficient construction, maintenance or operation of the facility
  • authorize contracts and agreements with any person, corporation or municipality to supply services or goods necessary for the efficient construction, maintenance or operation of the facility, and
  • operation within the annual capital and operating budgets as approved by both municipalities.
Meetings are held two to three times per year.
Click here for more information about the Barrhead Regional Landfill.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

Bill Lane
Ron Kleinfeldt

The Barrhead Regional Water Commission was established in 2011 with members from the County of Barrhead and Town of Barrhead.  The commission ensures
provision of potable water through the operation of a water treatment and transmission system to the County of Barrhead and the Town of Barrhead.

Members of Council Serving this Commission

Doug Drozd
Darrell Troock

Directors at Large

Brian Schultz (until 12/31/2019)
Albert Mast (until 12/31/2019)

The vision of Community Futures Yellowhead East (CFYE) is to promote and assist in the economic development, diversification and stabilization of the Yellowhead East region.  The Board of Directors is responsible for:
  • development of a Strategic Plan and for ensuring appropriateness over time.
  • setting policy on all aspects of community economic development work.
  • overseeing the management of loan funds, setting policies and procedures, and developing the goals of the organization.
  • striking a subcommittee to act as The Investment Committee to assess and administer the investment fund allocations.
 Board meetings are held every second (2nd) month commencing at 6 pm, usually on the third (3rd) Thursday.

Members of Council Serving the CFYE

Marvin Schatz
Dennis Nanninga (alternate)

The Economic & Community Development Committee makes recommendations to the County Council relating to economic development matters in the County of Barrhead.  The membership of this committee consists of three councilors and two public members at large.
The duties of the committee are:
  • Review and discuss topics relating to the promotion of economic well-being in the County.
  • Review and make recommendations to the County Council on policies and programs affecting economic development in the County.
  • Prepare and maintain an Economic Development plan for the County.
  • Make recommendations to Council regarding programs and projects which would benefit the County.
  • Work together with both Council and staff to actively promote the County within the County and to neighbouring municipalities.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

Darrell Troock
Walter Preugschas
Bill Lane

Members at Large

Gunnar Kronstedt
Ivan Kusal                                           

The Emergency Management Committee was formed as a requirement of the Emergency Management Act, SA 2000, and amendments to the act.  This committee consists of all members of Council whose duties are to advise on the development of emergency plans and programs for the County of Barrhead.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

Reeve Drozd
Deputy Reeve Nanninga
Ron Kleinfeldt
Bill Lane
Marvin Schatz
Walter Preugschas
Bill Lane

The Grizzly Regional Economic Alliance Society (GROWTH Alberta) is an alliance of nine communities, two school boards, and four supporting agencies in North Central Alberta to provide economic development support and promotion for its member communities.  As a region, GROWTH members work collectively to achieve economic, social, and political environments in which sustainable diversified, and regional growth is realized.
Current Society members are County of Barrhead, Woodlands County, Lac Ste Anne County, Town of Swan Hills, Town of Westlock, Town of Mayerthorpe, Village of Clyde, Village of Wabamun and Alberta Beach.
Board meetings normally held the forth (4th) Monday of each month in the various member communities on a rotating basis.

Members of Council Serving Growth Alberta

Walter Preugschas
Dennis Nanninga (Alternate)

 Appointed members to each of the five (5) Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) Committees are outlined in the respective ICF Bylaws as follows:
  • Between the Town of Barrhead and County of Barrhead - Reeve Drozd, Councillor Kleinfeldt, and alternate Councillor Troock 
  • Between Woodlands County and County of Barrhead - Deputy Reeve Schatz, Councillor Nanninga, and Councillor Preugschas
  • Between Sturgeon County and County of Barrhead - Reeve Drozd, Councillor Troock, and Councillor Preugschas
  • Between Lac Ste. Anne County and County of Barrhead - Reeve Drozd and Councillor Lane 
  • Between Westlock County and County of Barrhead - Councillor Nanninga and Councillor Kleinfeldt

The Barrhead Library Board is an Intermunicipal Library Board established by the County of Barrhead with the Town of Barrhead.  Management and operation of the Barrhead Public Library and Neerlandia Public Library is delegated to the Barrhead Library Board
Board normally meets monthly on the third (3rd) Tuesday (except for the months of July and August) commencing at 5:00 pm for approximately two hours.


Members of Council Serving this Board

Ron Kleinfeldt

Members at Large

Sandra Olthuis
Susan McLaren
Jane Kusal
Isabel Rempel

Yellowhead Regional Library (YRL) is a co-operative library system providing services to almost 294,000 Albertans in 54 municipalities.  YRL also serves almost 11,000 full-time students in three school divisions.
Along with providing materials and services to public and school libraries, YRL offers similar servcies to other organizations assisting in meeting the informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs of member communities.

Members of Council Serving the YRL Board

Ron Kleinfeldt
Dennis Nanninga (Alternate)

 Information about Misty Ridge Ski Club Board coming soon.

Members of Council Serving this Board

Bill Lane
Dennis Nanninga (Alternate)

The purpose of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is to act as the Subdivision Authority for the County of Barrhead for subdivision applications, and as the Development Authority in all matters assigned to it under the Land Use Bylaw upon reference by the Development Officer.

The MPC meets, as needed, on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Tuesday of the month.

Members of Council Serving the MPC

Reeve Drozd
Deputy Reeve Nanninga
Bill Lane
Walter Preugschas
Darrell Troock
Marvin Schatz
Ron Kleinfeldt

The County has an agreement with the Town of Mayerthorpe for establishment of an Intermunicipal Subdivision and Appeal board to act as the municipal appeal body under provisions of the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000 and its subsequent amendments.  This board will hear appeals from persons affected by the decisions of the Development Authority and the Subdivision Authority.
The Board will hold meetings as required to hear appeals typically within the municipality from which the appeal was lodged.

Members of Council Serving this Board

As Council serves as the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC),
they cannot serve on the Appeal Board.

Members at Large

Charles Clow
Helmut Ehrenholz
Kerry McElroy
Dale Kluin
Wilfred Ruhl
George Visser

In the 1980's the Province of Alberta became involved in twinning with communities in other parts of the world and encouraged municipalities to be involved as well.  In 1989, the Town of Barrhead formed a Twinning relationship with Drouin, Victoria, Australia.  In 1991, the Town and County of Barrhead twinned with the Town of Tokoro, Hokkaido, Japan.
Over the years, both the Town and County have hosted visitors from both twinned communities and residents have had the opportunity to visit both Drouin and Tokoro.
The purpose of the Committee:
  • Support and promote twinning relationships with other parts of the world as supported by the Province of Alberta.
  • Inform the Town and County Councils, the School Board and the Chamber of Commerce on matters relating to twinning activities.
  • Encourage involvement of the community in any twinning projects and activities.
The Committee is responsible for:
  •  Travel arrangements for incoming or outgoing delegations.
  • Itinerary and activvity planning for incoming or outgoing delegations
  • Gifts for incoming or outgoing delegates.
  • Coordinate delegation home-stays.
  • Meeting expenses.
  • Advertising expenses.
  • Assist the community with Twinning inquiries. 
These responsibilities will fall within a budget as approved by the joint Councils.
Meetings held at the call of the chair.

Members of Council Serving this Committee

Walter Preugschas
Bill Lane (Alternate)

 The Weed Control Act, RSA 2000, requires Council to establish, at least annually, an independent appeal panel to determine appeals of inspectors' notices, local authority's notices and debt recovery notices.
The appeal panel will hold meetings as required to hear appeals.

Members of Council Serving this Panel

Members of Council do not serve on this Panel.

Members at Large                      

Valerie Ehrenholz
Brian Geis
Jim Greilach
Richard R. Mueller
Wayne Visser