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Municipal Bylaws

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The County of Barrhead has a number of bylaws in place for the regulation and control of various matters including land use, vehicle weight restrictions, speed limits on local roads, dog control, off highway vehicles, noise, unsightly premises, fire control and fireworks.  Where citizen activities or property conditions don’t meet accepted  municipal standards, the County may provide education, warnings, inspections, and apply penalties. 
County of Barrhead employs a dedicated full-time Community Peace Officer for bylaw enforcement services.  The decision to bring this crucial service in-house reflects the County's dedication to public safety and commitment to ensure a higher standard of enforcement services for its residents.  
County of Barrhead CPO Shae Guy works collaboratively with local law enforcement, engages with community members, provides educational resources, and administers bylaw enforcement.  Officer Guy works hard responding to noise & bylaw complaints in residential subdivisions, handling vicious dogs, traffic management, as well as permit compliance & stop orders under the Land Use Bylaw.  
For bylaw inquiries or complaints, call 780-674-3331 or email   

Frequently Referenced Bylaws: