Non-Residential Tax Incentive

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NEW Non-Residential Property Tax Incentives 
At their regular meeting June 1, 2021, the County of Barrhead Council passed Bylaw 7-2021, Non-Residential Tax Incentive. This aims to further stimulate economic development in the community by attracting new investment and encouraging expansion of existing development.  This Bylaw intends to leverage authority given to municipalities by the province to provide business incentives and encourage economic growth in the County of Barrhead.  

What is Eligible? 
Pursuant to the MGA s. 364.2(2), the County of Barrhead Non-Residential Tax Incentive Bylaw provides municipal tax exemptions that apply to:
  • Non-Residential and Machinery & Equipment Assessment Classes
  • New construction, equipment, and improvements that result in an increased assessment.
New construction or improvements will benefit from a municipal tax exemption for up to 3 years, depending on the value of the increase in non-residential or machinery and equipment assessment.  The County also recognizes the importance of retaining existing business, so the minimum threshold to qualify for an exemption is a $20,000 increase in assessment
"For example, a new business investing $25 million could realize approximately $1.3 million in municipal tax exemption over 3 years."

Further Information:
Find more information regarding the Non-Residential Property Tax Incentive here:
For more information or application inquiries, please contact the County Office at 780-674-3331 or email