Wastewater Lagoons

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County of Barrhead maintains four wastewater lagoons throughout the County.  Electronic gate access cards can be purchased at the County office.  
Manola Lagoon
Located at NE-9-59-2-W5
The Manola Lagoon is a single cell facility that treats the wastewater from hamlet residents.  As per Alberta Environment Approval 956-01-00, treated effluent may be released on a yearly basis, typically in the fall.  The facility also has a truck dump.
Neerlandia Lagoon
Located at NE-28-61-3-W5
The Neerlandia Lagoon is a two-cell facility that treats wastewater from hamlet residents and businesses.  Significant upgrades took place at this facility in 2022 to increase its capacity in order to meet the long term needs of the community.  A truck dump structure was also added to the facility to accommodate local wastewater haulers.  As per Alberta Environment Approval 1009-01-00 this facility can release treated effluent on a yearly basis, which is typically done in the fall.

Lac La Nonne (Dunstable) Lagoon
Located at SW 25-57-2-W5
The Lac La Nonne (Dunstable) Lagoon, is a single cell wastewater evaporation pond.  This facility is utilized by septic hauling contractors that service the local County residents in the Lac La Nonne area.  This facility has limited capacity and requires closure when maximum incoming volumes are reached.  During closures, collected wastewater must be diverted to the Manola Lagoon or the Lac St. Anne County Lagoon (located at SE-29-57-3-W5, on Twp Rd 574 & Rge Rd 34).  The Lac La Nonne (Dunstable) Lagoon is operated under Alberta Environment Approval 912-02-00. 
Please note that the Dunstable Lagoon has met capacity and will be closed for the season, effective June 11, 2024.  For more information, please contact Public Works at 780-674-2619.

Thunder Lake Lagoon
Located at NW 19-59-5-W5
The Thunder Lake Lagoon is a single cell wastewater evaporation pond.  This facility is utilized by septic haulers that service the communities of Thunder Lake, Lightning Bay, Summerlea, Campsie Trailer Park, Tiger Lake Estates, Cambarr Estates, and Campsie Cove.  As per Alberta Environment Approval 1224-01-00, these are the only communities with access to this facility due to its limited capacity.