Lac La Nonne Public Engagement

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Lac La Nonne is one of the larger lakes in the County of Barrhead, located 85 km northwest of Edmonton, nestled on the boundary of the County of Barrhead and Lac Ste. Anne County.  Within the Athabasca River basin, the lake is fed by Majeau Creek, and Nakamun Lake, with an outlet, MacDonald Creek, flowing to the Pembina River 3 km north of the lake.

Lake Management Plan

In recent years, there have been concerns from residents about water levels and algae blooms on the lake.  In August 2018, representatives from the County of Barrhead, Alberta Environment & Parks, and LEPA toured the lake to view specific concerns with water quality.
As part of the Love your Lake visual shoreline survey conducted in the summer of 2018, an online & paper survey was sent out in early 2019 by the County and the Love your Lake organization to lake front residents.  This survey was conducted to better understand what lake lot owners value, as well as what concerns they have regarding activities on and near the lake and water quality.
These surveys and meetings, along with future initiatives, will help us shape an informed Lake Management Plan for Lac La Nonne.
Updates regarding the Lake Management Plan will be found here as they become available.

2019 Beaver Damn Removal - Water Level Concerns

In August 2019 the County of Barrhead experienced high rainfall.  This additional moisture was a contributing factor to the elevated water levels in Lac La Nonne.  Water levels vary from year to year and fluctuate throughout the season.  Balancing the diversity of uses and expectations around the Lake continues to be a challenge and has been since the 1930s.  High lake levels for many is desirable, while for others it poses a risk of flooding residential property and agricultural land.
In September 2019, the County of Barrhead addressed some frequently asked questions surrounding the water levels in a document mailed to residences along the shoreline.
Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 2019 Lac La Nonne Water Levels. 

How Alberta Lakes are Managed

Differing bodies of government manage various features in and around our lakes.
Alberta Parks & Environment (AEP) oversees lake bed and shore.  This includes the line along the upper limit of the bed and shore formed by the normal, continuous action or presence of surface water on the land, that forms as a natural boundary between the Crown owned bed and shore, and privately owned land.  For concerns regarding unapproved activity along the bed and shore, please call the Environmental Hotline at 1-800-222-6514.  To request permits for bed and shore development, please call the Barrhead AEP office at 780-674-8304.
Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is the federal lead for safeguarding our waters and managing Canada's fisheries, oceans and freshwater sources.  All lake past the provincially managed bed and shore is overseen by the DFO.  For questions or concerns surrounding the lake beyond the bed and shore, contact 1-855-852-8320 or email
County of Barrhead oversees development on property within its municipal boundaries upland from the bed and shore.  Although the County does not have jurisdiction over activities past bed and shore, the County is responsible for setting the guidelines as to how development is to proceed taking into consideration impacts development may have on neighbouring parcels, public enjoyment of their own property, public land and natural resources, and effects on the environment itself.  For more information on development within the County of Barrhead, click here.
Alberta Municipal Affairs manages sewage and septic complaints and ensures compliance to the Alberta Safety Codes.