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Agricultural Service Board


The Agricultural Service Board functions as the voice of agriculture by advising and responding to issues of local, provincial, and national interest.

It is the Agricultural Service Board's mission to work with rural residents in the County of Barrhead to update their knowledge of weeds, pests, diseases, conservation practices, new products, farming techniques, markets, and public relations that impact them.  We will also integrate programs for the safety and well being of rural families and community with the intent to encourage young farmers to remain in the industry.

The Agricultural Service Board is legislated to conduct its activities under the Weed Control Act, the Agricultural Pests Act, the Soil Conservation Act, and the Livestock Diseases Act.  The Service Board makes recommendations to County Council and the Provincial Minister of Agriculture.

Weed and Brush Control: This program involves controlling restricted and noxious weeds on public and private property, using the most effective and environmentally sound means possible. We control trees and brush along the roads as well, for safety purposes and maintenance.

Extension: It is the mandate of the Agricultural Service Board to present the residents of the County with current information, new technology and new legislation as it becomes available. To this end, we arrange seminars, workshops, and tours to provide this information. We communicate with government agencies to provide information on behalf of the farming community when legislation is being developed.

Residents - ASB - County Tour Residents - ASB - County Tour 2

Pest Control: The Agricultural Service Board works with landowners to control coyote, wild boar, and pocket gopher, with available resources and in accordance with the legislation.They also work with beaver control, but only if affecting flooded agricultural lands (*crop related, such as hay, pasture, cereals and grains). Note that there may be a charge for some of these services, traps, and controls.

 Residents - ASB - Beaver Pond Leveler Residents - ASB - Beaver Exclusion Fence

Conservation: The Agricultural Service Board promotes conservation practices and ideas that will enhance agriculture and the environment by updating and improving methods that will be compatible with the environment.  Workshops, sessions, and models are offered on numerous topics from integrated pest management to the promotion of recycling of Agricultural products such as chemical cans, silage plastic, and baler twine.

Shelterbelt Tree Program: The County offers a shelterbelt program and takes orders starting in late February. Information is published in the Barrhead Leader, or call the County office at 780-674-3331 to place your order or get more information.

Rental Equipment Available - call for information. 

Board Members: The Agricultural Service Board consists of 7 County Councillors and 2 Members at Large.

Contact the Agricultural Fieldman for more information!

Residents - ASB - Shelterbelt Trees